Skate Care 101 – iSkate Canterbury Australia

Skate Care 101

Caring for your new pair of ice skates is vital to their health and longevity. There are a few simple processes which need to be followed in order to ensure that your skates stay in top nick. 

1. Drying Skates

Skates need to be thoroughly wiped down after every use. The ice, water, and condensation which collects on the blade and the sole of the boot need to be removed using a small towel or washcloth. This prevents the blade from rusting.

2. Sharpening Skates

Skates need to be resharpened roughly every 20 hours spent on the ice. Sharpening ensures that the blades retain their grip on the ice. All iSkate Canterbury skates come to you ready to go with a complimentary sharpen already complete. Sharpening requires a proper sharpening machine and technical knowledge and training. We do offer a sharpening service on Saturdays from 10-12pm.

3. Storing Skates

Skates should be stored in soakers or soft cover guards. This prevents any chance of rust developing on the skates. These can be found under our accessories collection. Additionally, skates should be stored in a location that will allow the inside lining to breathe and dry, essentially don't keep your skates locked in your skate bag unless the bag is breathable (see the Transpack bags).