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Advice from iSkate

  • Skate Dress Buying Guide

    Figure skating dresses are an important component of every skating performance, test or competition. With buying skating dresses there are a couple of factors and questions that are important to consider before you hit the buy button.
  • Skate Care 101

    Caring for your new pair of ice skates is vital to their health and longevity. There are a few simple processes which need to be followed in order to ensure that your skates stay in top nick. 
  • Before You Buy Figure Skates

    Buying your first pair of skates can be an exciting and momentous purchase. Your first pair of skates is a significant step in the direction of your chosen ice sport. However, buying a pair of ice skates is not as simple as buying a pair of sneakers, there are a few questions to consider before putting skates in your shopping cart.