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Risport Royal Pro

Risport Royal Pro

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The Risport Royal Pro is an ice skating boot designed for mid-level competitive skaters. Its has a suitable level of support for axel and beginner double jumps.
Technical Features:
  • Risport degree of stiffness/support = 65. We recommend this boot for skaters who are landing axels and learning beginner double jumps. 
  • Boots are made from lightweight materials. 
  • Microfiber exterior - this material is very durable and therefore ensures performance over time. 
  • 3D fabric lining - Risport has studied a new three-dimensional fabric with a high level of resilience and is therefore able to cushion blows without undergoing changes thanks to its thickness. Furthermore, this fabric ensures comfort without neglecting performance.
  • Leather heel and sole - the sole is composed of a 4 mm single layer of leather with leather heel, with an insert of ultra lightweight thermoplastic material to reduce weight.
  • Internal reinforcements around the entire foot.
  • Circular ventilation system.
  • Ultra padded cuff profile (around top of the boot).
  • Heat moldable.