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Risport RF1 Exclusive

Risport RF1 Exclusive

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The Risport RF1 Exclusive is an elite level ice skating boot. Its has a suitable level of support for triple and quad jumps.
Technical Features:
  • Risport degree of stiffness/support = 90. This means that this boot is suitable for skaters performing triple and quad jumps. 
  • Ultra lightweight boots.
    • Thermoplastic sole - designed to reduce weight of the boot, reduce vibrations and increase the accuracy of blade mounting. 
    • Thermoplastic heel with leather insert - designed to further reduce the weight of the skate. 
  • Abrasion resistant microfiber exterior.
  • Microfiber lining with Aloe Vera treatment - made from durable material that is designed to increase the sensitivity of the foot, skate control and foot support. The Aloe Vera treatment provides beneficial antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. 
  • Internal reinforcements around the entire foot.
  • Ultra padded cuff profile (around top of the boot).
  • Circular ventilation system.
  • Heat moldable.