DJ6075 Synergy Pro PBX – iSkate Canterbury Australia
DJ6075 Synergy Pro PBX
DJ6075 Synergy Pro PBX
DJ6075 Synergy Pro PBX

DJ6075 Synergy Pro PBX

iSkate Canterbury Australia
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The Women's Synergy Pro is built with a 75 Stiffness Rating, or Strong.

Utilizing our Rapid Custom program allows you to alter the stiffness to a 60 or 85 for no extra charge and in 2 weeks!

a.  Asymmetrical interior ankle pads wrap anatomically around the foot for customized fit and comfort
b.  Ankle punch outs that are molded into the design
c.  Unique 2-piece molded side-panels are cut resistant and fully heat moldable. Combined with the Jackson Wrap this provides unparalleled lateral support
d.  Super lightweight 3D injection/ lasted quarters with lateral stability and flexibility
e.  Textured new-age carbon fiber look

f.  Supreme tongue prevents slipping & twisting of laces, eliminating lace bite
g.  Dura-guard over the toes lining provides cut resistance
h.  Non-abrasive lightweight antibacterial fabric lining
i.  Soft collar provides superior leg extensions without aggravating the tendons
j.  Swarovski crystals

The innovative PBX sole provides flexibility and rigidity that, combined with ABS insoles, provides unmatched weight and strength.  The 3 piece design allows the use of ABS heels for strength and security of screws while featuring a sleek, low-profile look.